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Victory Money & Wisdom is here to get you educated and empowered to successfully steward the money God has given you! Through online and in-person classes, mentoring and biblical financial guidance, we’re here to help you become more money savvy or grow in the knowledge you already possess.

We’re Launching a New Mentorship Program!

Are you a seasoned professional with expertise in a specialized field and a desire to impact others with similar career interests? Perhaps mentoring is for you! We are excited to launch a career mentoring program for those seeking biblical and practical guidance as it relates to their career advancement! If you are willing to share a small yet impactful amount of your time to pour wisdom into others, please complete our mentor application.

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Connect with our budget coaches to get help setting up a budget that works and empowers you to plan for your future!

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Through online and in-person classes, learn how you can practically apply these words to your life, and how you can grow in your financial  journey.

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Are you longing for peace and productivity in the area of your personal finances? Take a look at our resources.

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Curriculum & Classes

Adulting 101

Receive perspective on the expenses related to transitioning to full adulthood. In this workshop, we will navigate primary spending categories and provide you the opportunity to immediately apply these insights to your personal budget.

Mar 12 | Register


With a goal of helping you understand and grow in the area of biblical stewardship, this will teach you God’s perspective on money management and possessions.
Next Curriculum Small Group begins on March 18.

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Financial Peace University

Discover practical ways to handle your money and experience a total money makeover. Learn how to confidently plan and manage your cash flow.
Next Curriculum Small Group begins on February 12.

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Finding Your Purpose

A one-day interactive discussion for learning the biblical approach to getting a job.

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Managing Your Finances Through Inflation

Gain insight and perspective on managing your finances through difficult economic times.

Feb 19 | Register



Creating a Vision for Money

God owns everything and, in His love, He entrusts us to be good stewards, to wisely manage the resources He shares with us. But when it comes to our finances, where do we start?

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Transform Your Finances

In this ebook, you’ll find 50 of the best CHEAT CODES to help boost your overall financial literacy. Use the discount code “victory” for free download.

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Managing Your Finances During Crisis

You don’t want to miss this wisdom-filled panel conversation covering topics such as managing day-to-day finances, debt, investments, and more.

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Transaction Register

This is an income and expense diary used during a 30 day period to determine your habits. If done properly, it will give you a clear picture of developed spending habits.


Debt Planning

This is a debt list and a rapid repayment (snowball) calculator on one excel spreadsheet. This tool is to be used to list your debts and plan when you will be debt free.


Monthly Spending Plan

After you have tracked your spending, have accounted for all of your expenses and all of your debt repayment, you are ready to create your monthly spending plan.


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