Welcome to 10

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a Small Group Leader! We’re delighted that you are partnering with us on this exciting journey, as this series is based on and coincides with the momentous release of Pastor Dennis’ first book, 10: Qualities That Move You From a Believer to a Disciple. Through this series, your group will discover how to passionately pursue what it means to be a fully committed disciple of Christ — instead of just doing ‘the church thing.’

Below you’ll find all of the videos and leader guides you need to facilitate your group. The first set of videos coincides with the curriculum material for the 10 series, and each should be watched and discussed at one of your small group meetings throughout the series. The second set of four videos will help equip you as a leader.

Thanks very much again for your leadership. We join our faith with yours and are praying for a successful, life-changing series!


This is an exciting time to be a part of Small Groups. The Holy Spirit wants to make a difference in the life of your group members. Most discipleship takes place in Small Groups. Without them, people don’t move from ‘believers’ to ‘disciples’ because they have never learned how to truly “apply” their faith.

You will be leading a ‘Conversation Group’ (a short-term group). This means that you are going to ‘continue the conversation’ from the weekend services for the ‘10’ series.

Sessions Videos & Leader Guides

The following are intended to be shared and discussed in the context of a Victory Church small group.

Session 10

Leader Guide (PDF)

Training Videos

Leadership Session 1 | 5 M’s of Small Group

Leadership Session 2 | Leader Skills

Leadership Session 3 | Practical Tips

Leadership Session 4 | Developing Leaders


For a physical copy of the book, you can order online for $15.99 by clicking the button below or you can buy one at a Victory bookstore at weekend services for $15.

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