You’ve decided to gather your friends and family for a theatrical retelling of the night our Savior was born, and we want to say THANK YOU! Whether you’re meeting in person or online, you’re helping to create connection and spread the joy of Christmas that many are longing for in this season.


To help you and your guests get ready for your gathering, we’ve prepared a list of recipes, icebreakers, activities for the kids, outreach opportunities, and more. Enjoy!


Get the party started with some of these icebreakers!

Talk About It

Start the night with a few Christmas get-to-know-you questions, or find out how much everyone knows about popular holiday movies and songs!

Christmas Questions
Christmas Movie Trivia
Name That Christmas Carol

Christmas Charades

Act out some of your favorite holiday activities (without saying a word). Popular items on your list of charades could include decorating a tree, having snowball fights, ice skating, and more. Click the following link as a reference.

Christmas Charades


Write the titles of holiday songs on slips of paper. Fold them and place them in a Christmas stocking. Provide a drawing board. Divide into teams. Select from the stocking and get to drawing! If team member are able to guess before time runs out, they earn a point.



There’s nothing like a mug of hot chocolate or apple cider in your hands on a cold, winter day. Warm up with these cozy recipes!

Hot Chocolate
Coconut Hot Chocolate
Slow Cooker Apple Cider


No party is complete without snacks and dessert. Whip up the following and enjoy while you watch the film!

Sugar Cookies
Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn
Cinnamon + Nutmeg Spiced Nuts

Soups + Salads

Keep the mains healthy and simple with these soup and salad ideas!

Apple, Cranberry + Pepita Salad
Turkey Chili
Lentil Soup


You can never go wrong with holiday games or arts and crafts! Consider some of the ideas at the links below.

Gingerbread Houses

Purchase a few gingerbread house kits and let your guests get carried away with decorating! Families can decorate together, or guests can choose a partner. Provide plenty of icing and any toppings you can think of! Click the link below for some ideas.

Gingerbread House Ideas


While Christmas outreach opportunities may be limited this year, there are still many ways we can give back. Encourage your guests to participate in some of the following!

– Donate clothing, food, or blankets to a local co-op or homeless shelter.
– Donate toys to a local children’s hospital, shelter, or Christmas adopt-a-family program. You can also donate
toys through The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree partnership!
– Ask your neighbor if you can pick up a few things for them on your next trip to the store.
– Deliver goodies and a card expressing your gratitude to your local police/fire station or hospital/clinic.
– Leave a gift card and a kind note at a gas pump or grocery self-checkout lane.
– Buy coffee or a treat for the person behind you in line at your favorite coffee or dessert shop.


We’ve created Unwrapping Christmas for everyone near and far. No matter where we are or what we’re going through, Jesus came for us all. Some of your guests may have felt led to begin a relationship with Jesus after watching the film. You have the privilege of helping them take the next step!

Prayer of Salvation

Invite your guests to begin a relationship with Jesus. Ask them if they would like you to lead them in a prayer of salvation. If so, have them repeat after you.

Jesus, I recognize that I need You. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. Thank You. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart. I choose to trust You, and I will follow Your lead as my Lord and Savior.

Victory Next Steps

Celebrate your guests’ decision to follow Jesus! Encourage them to visit where we have assembled a complete list of next steps. We want to help them on their journey!