Victory at Home workshops/events for Norcross are currently on hold until further notice.

Salvation / Baptism

Salvation/Baptism Parenting Workshop

Leading Your Child to Christ

Victory believes that God designed the home and family as the primary place for the discipleship of your children. Whether they are 6 or 16, the most important decision your child will ever make is accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. To be part of that process is one of the most joyful times a parent can experience in life.

The Salvation/Baptism Workshop is designed to equip parents to lead their children to Jesus. We want to partner with parents to prepare them so that they are ready when their children begin asking spiritually awakening questions. The goal is to get parents to clearly and simply share the truth with each child. We walk them through Bible study, worship, giving, serving, and how to practice and teach prayer.


Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

Hamilton Mill

Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

Victory At Home

The Salvation/Baptism milestone workshop is a part of our Victory at Home initiative.

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