Healing the Racial Divide

Our nation is in the midst of a spiritual war. Racism, whether systemic or blatant, is continuing to destroy and divide the people of this country, and there is no better time than now to confront this evil head on. Because we, as God’s people, are called to be different, we must not be defeated by these persistent societal injustices—nor should we turn a blind eye to the pain of our brothers and sisters if we are not directly affected. We must all be ambassadors for healing and reconciliation, a light in the darkness, representing Jesus in everything we say and do.

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Our nation is divided and crying out for healing. Now is the time for change, and the body of Christ is called to lead the way. We are to stand united for righteousness as well as true liberty and justice for all. We encourage you to tune in as Pastors Dennis Rouse and Johnson Bowie come together with Pastor Lee Jenkins of Eagles Nest Church and Lecrae Moore for an honest conversation on race in America and what we, the church, can do to effect change.


Victory Church pastors discuss racial reconciliation in America and lead us in prayer for our community and nation in light of the recent tragedy in Minneapolis. We encourage you to tune into this special time of prayer and conversation.


Roundtable discussion: In light of the recent shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, Victory Church pastors come together for an honest conversation about our nation’s values, and how the church can respond. We invite you to tune in.

Series: OneRace

The Bible tells us that we are not many races but one race created by God. He never intended for us to live divided across cultures or denominations. Unity was His original design. When Jesus came on the scene, He demonstrated who God is—and how we are to live—by the way that He loved…