Pre-Married Life Groups

PreMarried Life is Victory’s 6-week premarital class for seriously dating and engaged couples, and is a prelude to premarital guidance and planning a wedding at Victory. We address common marital challenges from a biblical perspective as we delve into the class workbook assignments and homework.

For the summer we’re moving to an in-home small group format! We believe that conducting the classes in this way with groups of just 2-3 couples will cultivate a deeper level of openness and impact in the lives of the couples that participate.

Discussion Guide

For your convenience, we’ve provided a mobile optimized version of our discussion guide. This PDF document is best displayed on mobile devices. You can request a physical guide from the Pre-Married Life ministry.

Download (PDF)


Marriage Is – Session 1
In this session, we talk about the difference between contract and covenant. We also discuss what marriage is and is not.

Conflict – Session 2 P1
In this session, we talk about the healthiest ways to have conflict with one another. We discuss the best techniques and tactics to handle some of life’s biggest stresses.

Communication – Session 2 P2
Understanding how the other communicates, and how to best communicate with one another.

Roles in Marriage – Session 3
In this session, we talk about how the husband can best serve the wife and lead/love her. We also talk about how the wife can best submit underneath her husband and respect/honor him.

Finances – Session 4
In this session, we talk about how we can be the best stewards over our finances. We give advice on starting budgets and offer some resources on how to begin budgeting.

Difference + Expectations – Session 5
In this session, we talk about how different we each are.

Differences + Expectations – Session 5 P2
The best way to deal with expectations in your marriage and learning how to navigate them.

Sex + Intimacy – Session 6
In this session, we discuss how to deal with wounds and brokenness from past sexual issues and how to best begin the healing process. We also talk about how to begin to build healthy intimacy with your potential spouse. We discuss expectations and how to navigate those conversations.