Online Groups

Enjoy Community Wherever You Are!

Are you interested in a small group but aren’t able to attend one at a physical location? No worries, we’ve got you covered: We’re launching Victory Small Groups Online soon.

Online Groups

People need people — for all kinds of reasons — especially for spiritual growth and to navigate life’s ups and downs. If your schedule is very busy, or if you are not in our local area, you can still do life together in a healthy small group community, online! We’re currently developing online groups. If you’re interested in being a part once we launch you can sign-up below.

Lead a Group

If you enjoy leading people, establishing community and seeing life-changing results — yet your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet at a location — you’re just right for an online small group leader! There are people who need leaders and an environment they can trust in which to navigate life, but they may have meeting conflicts or be located in the next state, or even in China. We have a solution: online small group leadership. Are you ready to lead?