Welcome to ONE

Small group leaders, we’re so glad that you’ve chosen to partner with Victory as we launch the ONE small group curriculum. We really believe that it has the potential to bring people together, heal wounds, and point people in the direction of the One who makes us ONE — Jesus. Below you’ll find all of the videos you’ll need to facilitate your group.

The first set will help equip you as a leader. The second set coincides with the written material to make up the ONE series curriculum. Each of the four videos should be watched and discussed at one of your small group meetings throughout the 4-week series. Thank you again for your willingness to lead. We couldn’t do it without you!

Training Videos

Leadership – Session 1

Leadership – Session 2

Leadership – Session 3

Leadership – Session 4

ONE Series Book

For a physical copy of the DVD and or book see the bookstore at your closest Victory location.

Series Book


The following are intended to be shared and discussed in the context of a Victory Church small group.

Group Session 1

Group Session 2

Group Session 3

Group Session 4