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Meals at Home

Family meals will be more fun if you follow these simple guidelines…

Give Thanks: Before “diving in,” the family should pause to give thanks to God as a regular reminder of our dependence upon His grace and goodness.

No Media: A key goal of the Meals@Home routine is to foster good conversation. Sitting at the table facing one another provides a natural context for interaction. Turn off the television, cell phones, tablets, video games and all other forms of media.

Spill Chill: To avoid frustration and disappointment, you should expect at least one spill during every family meal. Rather than lose your cool when your child (or anyone else) knocks over a glass of milk, use it as a reminder that we are all imperfect human beings. Don’t let the inevitable mishap spoil the entire meal.

Heed Manners: The dinner table provides an ideal setting to reinforce basic manners such as how to carry on respectful conversation, looking others in the eyes when speaking to them, swallowing food before talking, saying “please” and “thank you”, general table etiquette and many other basic rules of civilized interaction.

Make Dinner Matter

The following is a commercial sourced by MasterFoods out of Australia. It depicts the value of a family meal from a child’s perspective…

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