Forward Basics FAQ’s

Where and when do we meet?
These classes take place every Sunday at 9am in the Chapel of our main campus in Norcross and in the Middle School Room at our Hamilton Mill location.

Do I have to register?
Yes, registration is required. Register here.

How much does FORWARD cost?
There is no charge for the four Forward Basic classes. However, the Forward Weekend Experience costs $20, which is due upon registration of the weekend event. You can register for the weekend event after you finish taking all four classes.

Is childcare provided?
Since Forward is held during our weekend service times, you can come early to check-in your children in Victory Kids (birth-5th grade).

Can I start the classes at anytime?
Yes, you can begin taking FORWARD at anytime. The FORWARD classes are cyclical, which means that they are ongoing and held on a regular basis every Sunday and each week we will cover one of the four sessions: 01- Hearing God, 02- The Sabotage Cycle, 03- Identity and 04- Appetite for the Eternal. What is important is that you finish all four classes before you register for the Forward Weekend Experience.

What if I miss a class?
Although we encourage you to take the classes consecutively, you can miss one class and take the next class as it cycles through. For example: if you take the 01 class but miss the 02 class, you can proceed to the 03 and 04 classes. You can then participate in the 02 class the next time it’s offered.

Can my child come to FORWARD with me?
FORWARD is a process designed for adults 18+.

Do I need to be a member of Victory to attend the FORWARD classes?
No. Forward is for everybody. However, as a fully committed disciple of Christ, it is healthy for you to be an active member in the body of Christ somewhere.

I don’t live in Atlanta. Is there a way for me to take part in Forward?
Yes. Contact us here and we’ll send you information on how you can be involved.