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New Series: A Story of Family

Family is defined as a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. But family is so much more than that! Families don’t all fit cookie-cutter molds in their appearance. They vary in dynamics and can be challenging or empowering, full of love or full of pain. Every family tells a story. And God created the family structure with purpose far beyond what our eyes can see. In this new series, we’ll dive into what makes a “family” and God’s desire for it all. This is A Story of Family.

Watch a Message

The Blessing of Boundaries | Mar. 24, 2019

A Story of S.E.X. | Mar. 17 2019

4 Keys to a Healthy Family | Mar. 10 2019

Affair-Proofing Your Marriage | Mar. 3 2019

The Story of Covenant Love | Feb. 24 2019

The Purpose of Family | Feb. 17 2019

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