10 Qualities Series

Jesus commissioned all of His followers to go and make disciples. But to make them you must first be one. It’s one thing to believe in Jesus, but becoming His disciple delves much deeper. Making the transition from a believer to a disciple is a process. Discover the common traits of those who are highly devoted to becoming like Christ in our current series, 10.

Hear the Message

Message 1 | Passionately Committed to Jesus

Message 2 | Sensitive & Submitted to the Holy Spirit

Message 3 | Engaging in Biblical Community

Message 4 | Evaluates Life According to Biblical Standards

Message 5 | Dedicated to a Healthy Family

Message 6 | Live With a Heart of Generosity

Message 7 | Lives Morally Pure

Message 8 | Embracing Cultural Reconciliation

Message 9 | Socially Purposeful and Responsible

Message 10 | Living a Missional Life

Message 11 | Evangelistically Bold